DNA Requirements Reminder

All stallions (ApHC and Approved Breeds) included in a stallion breeding report must be DNA typed and type must be filed with ApHC. *With the exception of stallions 10 years old or older as of 1990, and breeding naturally. If bred AI, they must have DNA on file.

In 2009 — all mares (ApHC and Approved Breeds) of 1990 and before — that produce a foal in 09 — must be DNA typed and types filed with ApHC. This age group completes the gradual phasing in of DNA requirements for all mares producing foals eligible for registration.

Any mare exposed to two or more stallions in less than 45 days must be DNA typed; stallions in question must be DNA typed and foal must be parentage verified.

All horses seeking a Performance Permit must be parentage verified.

All race horses must be parentage verified before they are allowed to race.

All foals resulting from embryo transfer, including frozen embryo retention permits, must be parentage verified.

All foals resulting from transported cooled or frozen semen, including frozen semen retention permits, must be parentage verified.

All horses for which owner wants HYPP or other genetic test results certified with the ApHC must be parentage verified and the same sample must be used to complete genetic test.

An Appaloosa with excess white must be parentage verified as being by and out of ApHC-registered sire and dam prior to acceptance for registration.

The ApHC is authorized to randomly or selectively parentage verify any foal.

When DNA is filed for any Appaloosa, Maxxam Lab automatically parentage verifies or qualifies the sire or dam when sire and/or dam have DNA on file. This is automatic, with no additional charge to the owner or ApHC.

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