Roadside Treasure

Okay, one more “unrelated” post about my recent travels. Those of you who know Edith Stanger will understand that when she makes a recommendation, it’s a good idea to pay attention. In this case, it’s a preferred spot for a hearty breakfast — a place called the Schoolhouse Calf-A in Dell, Montana. And, of course, Edith was right. The food was extra good and the “charm” of the place was worth noting, so here it is.

Edith is a member of the Idaho Horse Board, a group responsible for investing funds generated by a “checkoff” of sorts on state brand inspection. The board provides grants for horse industry projects and supports promotional efforts of the Idaho Horse Council.

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Roundabout Art

During a recent visit with ApHC Director Dave Schjeldahl in Idaho Falls, I got a great tour of the area and saw examples of a thriving community. This particular image is of a gigantic work of art located in the middle of a “round-about” intersection in a retail/business development. It doesn’t have much to do with the horse industry, but it’s a cool thing to see anyway.

Dave’s tour included an overview of the area’s history which features interesting evidence of the early days of mining, ranching and farming.

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Hot Topics

I had the opportunity to hear some good discussions at the Idaho Horse Council convention and membership meeting earlier this month in Pocatello. The panel members in the photo handled the topic of “Unintended Consequences – How the Horse Slaughter Ban and Economics Effect Humane Treatment of Unwanted Equines.” As in most other parts of the country, the perspective depends on personal experience, business interests and which part of the sequence a person is most directly involved with.

You’ve probably read about the proposal by Madeleine Pickens, wife of T. Boone, the oil baron, to create a million-acre refuge for the wild horses already in captivity. Her plan came amid criticism of the BLM’s proposed plan to euthanize part of the collection to control numbers and costs. This points to future debates about the emotional and economic factors within the issue.

I think the panel participants are (left to right): Phillip Erickson, Animal Rescue; Mark Hyndman, investigator for the State Veterinarian’s Office; Dan McGregor, breeder and boarder; Max Palmer, shipper; and Terrell Hill, Idaho Brand Inspector.

Reichert Celebration Featured on RFDTV

The summer of 2008 marked many milestones for the Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC), including the first ApHC-approved Appaloosa show at the Reichert Celebration in Tulsa, Okla. Now RFD-TV is bringing all of the action and excitement of the Reichert Celebration to your living room in a special television event, hosted by Alan Moorehead.

If you were unable to join the celebration or want to visit fond memories, stop channel surfing and watch RFD-TV the following dates and times!

Satellite subscribers can tune in to Dish 231 or Direct TV 379
Saturday, Nov. 22: 12.30 p.m. (CST), 11.30 a.m. (MST), 10.30 a.m. (PST)
Wednesday, Nov. 26: 5.30 (EST)

Viewers can look forward to watching competing Appaloosas demonstrate a spectrum of talent. Some of the most popular and uniquely Appaloosa classes were highlighted at the event, including the rope race and heritage class. So tune in—you don’t want to miss seeing your Breed of Choice shine at the Reichert Celebration!

For more information about this RFD-TV event, visit

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Iron Horse Award

The Nutrena® Iron Horse $10,000 award is sponsored by Nutrena, the official feed of the Appaloosa Horse Club and is crowned at the World Championship Appaloosa Show. The Nutrena® Iron Horse award recognizes the legendary versatility and athleticism of the Appaloosa. To be eligible to compete for this award, a horse must enter and compete in classes in four of five contest categories and place in the top ten in three of those classes. Contest categories are halter, western, English, games and cattle, and the classes can be open or non-pro events. Points are totaled after the last qualified class at the show. The horse with the highest total wins the award.

The stakes are high with a $10,000 cash award and an original bronze sculpture of an Appaloosa, entitled “Forged from Fire”. Wally Shoop of Stillwater, Minnesota designed the sculpture. Wally is an artist who grew up in the Badlands of South Dakota. He has a great reverence for American Indian tribes and is knowledgeable about the Nez Perce and their history with the Appaloosa horse.

The 2008 Nutrena Iron Horse Award winner is STATE OF DEE HEART, owned by Ed and Missy Millhouse of Stillwater, Minnesota. Other horses in the standings include: 2nd, MR BIG BUCKS, owned by Karen Grimm, Minden, Nevada; 3rd, MR TIPS BUDWIZER, owned by Katrina and Pamela Kaiser, Pilot Point, Texas; 4th IMA TOUCH DZ, owned by Debbie Sigler, St. Charles, Illinois.

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Appaloosa Horse Club Approves EQUIOXX®, ULCERGARD® and GASTROGARD®

Organization offers FDA-approved options to members nationwide

DULUTH, GA — Starting Jan. 1, 2009, Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) members will be able to use EQUIOXX® (firocoxib), ULCERGARD® (omeprazole) or GASTROGARD® (omeprazole) prior to competition.

The decision by the ApHC Board of Directors provides thousands of horse owners nationwide with FDA-approved options for common diseases like equine osteoarthritis and stomach ulcers.

“I believe these products are great options to help us maintain the health of our equine partners,” says Frank Larrabee, president of the ApHC Board of Directors. “Personally, my own horses have experienced stomach ulcers and the need for NSAIDs, and I’m sure the thousands of Appaloosa members involved in equine activities are faced with the same concerns. We salute the efforts of the researchers who have helped make life a little easier on these horses.”

With the approval, EQUIOXX is the only nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) approved for use up to 14 consecutive days in the ApHC. EQUIOXX also is approved for use in the American Quarter Horse Association and United States Equestrian Federation.

EQUIOXX is the first equine oral NSAID to be approved in more than 20 years. It is proven to control joint pain and inflammation associated with equine osteoarthritis, which is one of the most common causes of lameness in horses. Also known as degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis can develop in horses as young as 2 years old. EQUIOXX works quickly to provide 24 hours of pain relief and is easily administered as an oral paste.

The ApHC also approved GASTROGARD and ULCERGARD for use no more than 24 hours prior to competition. GASTROGARD and ULCERGARD are the first and only FDA-approved products for the treatment and prevention of equine stomach ulcers, respectively.

Horses can develop stomach ulcers in as little as five days, but GASTROGARD can treat stomach ulcers even while horses continue to train. Proactive use of ULCERGARD during short or long periods of time* can help reduce the risk of stomach ulcers in horses that regularly deal with stressful situations, such as training, traveling and competing.

“Equine osteoarthritis and stomach ulcers are common for horses of all breeds,” says Dr. Frank Hurtig, director, Veterinary Services, Merial. “Now, competitors in ApHC events can help ensure their horses have FDA-approved choices to help them address these diseases and enable their horses to compete at their best.”

For complete ApHC rules regarding the use of EQUIOXX, GASTROGARD and ULCERGARD, please visit

Merial is a world-leading, innovation-driven animal health company, providing a comprehensive range of products to enhance the health, well-being and performance of a wide range of animals. Merial employs approximately 5,000 people and operates in more than 150 countries worldwide. Its 2007 sales were nearly $2.5 billion. Merial Limited is a joint venture between Merck & Co., Inc. and sanofi-aventis. For more information, please see

2008 World Sale

Just a quick update on results from the World Sale. You can find individual prices and sale/no-sale information by reviewing the on-line catalog. From the home page, click on the sale button at the bottom and then the catalog.

In the Select Sale, the overall average was $1,848. The Top Five sellers averaged $4,500. The Top Ten sellers averaged $3,355.

In the Incentive (yearlings and nominated broodmares) Sale, the overall average was $2,567. The Top Five sellers averaged $6,060. The Top Ten sellers averaged $4,305.

Thanks Tafra Donberger for the photo.

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Excess White Guidelines

An Appaloosa with “excess white” must be parentage verified as being out of and by an ApHC-registered sire and dam prior to acceptance for registration.

AQHA sires and dams with excess white noted on their certificates are ineligible as a sire or dam of an Appaloosa foal.

Horses with excess white are ineligible to show in ApHC-sponsored or -approved halter classes.

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HYPP Testing Requirements

Appaloosa foals out of or by AQHA-registered sires or dams that have HYPP NH or HH status on their certificates of registration will be required to be HYPP tested and parentage verified (using same sample). Appaloosa foal will have HYPP status indicated on Certificate of Registration.

Foals out of or by ApHC-registered horses with NH or HH designation on their Certificate of Registration will be required to be HYPP tested and parentage verified (using the same sample), and their status will be designated on their certificates as well.

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DNA Requirements Reminder

All stallions (ApHC and Approved Breeds) included in a stallion breeding report must be DNA typed and type must be filed with ApHC. *With the exception of stallions 10 years old or older as of 1990, and breeding naturally. If bred AI, they must have DNA on file.

In 2009 — all mares (ApHC and Approved Breeds) of 1990 and before — that produce a foal in 09 — must be DNA typed and types filed with ApHC. This age group completes the gradual phasing in of DNA requirements for all mares producing foals eligible for registration.

Any mare exposed to two or more stallions in less than 45 days must be DNA typed; stallions in question must be DNA typed and foal must be parentage verified.

All horses seeking a Performance Permit must be parentage verified.

All race horses must be parentage verified before they are allowed to race.

All foals resulting from embryo transfer, including frozen embryo retention permits, must be parentage verified.

All foals resulting from transported cooled or frozen semen, including frozen semen retention permits, must be parentage verified.

All horses for which owner wants HYPP or other genetic test results certified with the ApHC must be parentage verified and the same sample must be used to complete genetic test.

An Appaloosa with excess white must be parentage verified as being by and out of ApHC-registered sire and dam prior to acceptance for registration.

The ApHC is authorized to randomly or selectively parentage verify any foal.

When DNA is filed for any Appaloosa, Maxxam Lab automatically parentage verifies or qualifies the sire or dam when sire and/or dam have DNA on file. This is automatic, with no additional charge to the owner or ApHC.

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Return of the Missing Appaloosa

We received information from ApHC Director Laura Lyon about a happy ending to a story last week of a missing horse in Michigan. Way back on October 18th, Liz Barrett, 14, of Vicksburg, Michigan, was riding her Appaloosa friend, named Jeff. Somehow the horse received a poke from a sharp branch and bolted. Liz was thrown from the horse, but was not seriously injured.

That hard part was that fact that Jeff fled the scene and was missing for two weeks! The Michigan regional club posted information, a variety of volunteers conducted repeated searches and, finally, the horse was found last Saturday! What a relief for all concerned. Jeff was a bit weak and thin, still wearing the saddle, but apparently will be fine.

Liz is involved with the local high school equestrian team and (mostly) enjoys trail riding. We wish her all the best. A full story can be found in the Kalamazoo Gazette for Monday Nov. 3rd.

Blog Milestone

We need to share a bit of good news about the appaloosablogspot. Thanks to you, we made it past the 5,000 unique visitors mark in October! To be specific, 5,080.

We intend to continue providing a variety of news bits and items from a variety of sources. It’s especially nice to receive news and photos about special accomplishments of members, regional clubs and other groups.

Thanks for reading. Stay in touch.

Appaloosa Art for Christmas

Marian Alton has been breeding Appaloosas since 1958. She also does artwork. The other day she sent me some small paintings to dress up the holiday issue of the Sooner ApHC Newsletter. I scanned and sent copies to some of our other Sooner BOD members, and they immediately had other plans for these.

Marian’s whimsical Appaloosas can now be had as Christmas ornaments at: as well as other articles with Marian’s work on them. Buy them for yourself, or for others that you are always at a loss on what to get them. Enjoy!

Gerry Lukacik
Sooner ApHC
Oktaha, OK

Renew Your ApHC Membership — Now is the Time!

The Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) would like to remind all current and returning members that now is the time to renew your ApHC membership! All memberships, with the exclusion of lifetime and one-time youth memberships, will expire Dec. 31, 2008!

In order to continue receiving uninterrupted service of the Appaloosa Journal, you must renew or join the ApHC by Dec. 1, 2008. If membership is not renewed by Dec. 1, 2008, members will not receive the January 2009 issue of the Appaloosa Journal.

Membership can be renewed or purchased immediately at An ApHC membership offers more benefits and perks than any other breed association, so visit the Official ApHC Web site today!

While renewing your membership, why not purchase membership for a friend or client? The ApHC is offering the Give a Gift of ApHC Membership, which allows you the option to purchase a membership on behalf of a friend, family member or customer. Recipients of a gifted membership receive all of the same perks and bonuses, including Appaloosa Email, Appaloosa Journal, enrollment in Appaloosa Members Advantage Program, participation in ApHC-exclusive events and so much more. Visit to purchase the Gift of an ApHC Membership!

Gator Giveaway at Appaloosa World Show

The World Show Gator Give-Away winner was Steve Springer of Mansfield TX. He’s shown here taking a victory lap in the Justin Arena. At this point, the John Deere Gator is being suitably handled by ApHC director Monty Holmes. Photo by Larry Williams Photography.

John Deere discounts are available through the Appaloosa Member Advantage Program. You can save serious dollars on selected models of agricultural, construction and lawn and garden equipment. For information, call Appaloosa Member Advantage today at 888.304.SPOT (7768), or visit

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