Museum Raffle Horse Winner Announced

Katharine Beyerlein, assistant director of the Appaloosa Museum is shown as she announces the winner of this year’s raffle horse. The official drawing was carefully observed to avoid even an appearance of ballot box stuffing, voter fraud or inappropriate campaigning. In a semi-private ceremony today at the Appaloosa Museum, a winning ticket was plucked from the unadorned cardboard lockbox. In case you didn’t know, the museum sells raffle tickets throughout the summer. The grand prize is an Appaloosa. This year’s featured attraction is a yearling gelding by the name of E ARROW PAHA. He spent the required amount of time as an exhibit and now
he’s headed to a new home.

Oh yeah, the winner. Actually, it’s winners plural – Klaus and Jeanne Lueppen of Attica, Michigan. Congratulations to them and thanks to everyone who supported the Appaloosa Museum by purchasing raffle tickets. If you didn’t win, or if you neglected to buy a ticket, there are other opportunities to get involved. Visit the Museum’s website by clicking from the home page or go to

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