ApHC Lifetime Member is Lucky Winner of $100 Office Depot Gift Certificate

The Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) would like to congratulate Richard Rignall, as the winner of the $100 Office Depot gift card contest! Rignall, lifetime ApHC member from Grand Junction, Colo., won the contest through the Appaloosa Members Advantage Program, a joint effort of the ApHC and the National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA).

To qualify, Rignall, and many other ApHC members, signed up for an Office Depot account through the Appaloosa Members Advantage Program. Every ApHC member that is enrolled in the Appaloosa Members Advantage Program is eligible for amazing giveaways offered by major retailers, such Office Depot. Enrollment also offers the opportunity to win prizes at ApHC-sponsored events, like the John Deere Gators awarded to Ayden Keller at the 61st National Appaloosa Show and Irvine Bell at the 2007 World Championship Appaloosa Show!

ApHC members who become a part of the Appaloosa Members Advantage program are not only eligible for amazing prizes, but significant discounts for premium brands such as John Deere, UPS, Sherwin Williams, Toshiba, Office Depot, OfficeMax IMPRESS and Equine Travel Advantage.
Most importantly, there is no charge for ApHC members to activate their Appaloosa Members Advantage!

To begin saving, ApHC members must contact Jen Evely at (888) 304-SPOT (7768) to activate the Appaloosa Members Advantage. Not an ApHC member? Joining is easy! Visit to become a member, then call the toll free number for the additional perks.

Don’t miss out on major discounts, enroll in Appaloosa Members Advantage today!

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