Appaloosa riders supporting fight against childhood illness

Phil Dawson called our office with the latest update on their trip(America Fundraisers). They are 15 miles inside Virginia. The two horses are doing very well. Warm days – today 75 degrees and about 55 in the evenings.

America Fundraisers saw a need. The need was American Children with long term illnesses. America Fundraisers Incorporated was created by a horse trainer Phil Dawson.

This is why all of the fundraising that America Fundraisers Inc. does incorporates the use of horses. America Fundraisers is a non profit corporation, a 501(c)(3).

Phil believes in Children, America, and Horses. Children are the future of America. But not all Children in America are lucky enough to experience even the smallest joys that other American Children take for granted. In this world there are people that will do anything to help those children who are not so lucky. America Fundraisers, Inc. is made up of those people.

Each year America Fundraisers, Inc. picks a new fundraising project. This year starting at Billingsley Creek State Park in Hagerman, Idaho and ending in Pocahontas State Park, just south of Richmond, Virginia, America Fundraisers, Inc. are riding cross country on horse back to raise donations for American Children suffering from long term illnesses. Please join America Fundraisers by logging on to and tracking the two Appaloosa horses, Apache Double Twice “Billy” and Apache Gold Jet “Jet” on the map section of the web site. America Fundraisers, Inc. and these two amazing horses are riding for our American Children. We encourage Veterans, Horse owners, Horse lovers, and all of those with children in the family, to support America Fundraisers as they ride Jet and Billy through 12 (twelve) states by logging onto and Donating to American Children with long term illnesses.

America Fundraisers, Inc. helps with your donation. A dollar, $2.00, or more is appreciated. The corporation helps those kids by helping with medical expenses that are incurred during the long term of their illness. Congenital Heart Disease, Cancer, Blood disorders (that may be terminal) just to name a few. Don’t give up. Support.

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