Win a $100 Office Depot gift card!

ApHC Members can sign up for a chance to Win a $100 Office Depot gift card! Offer ends September 15, 2008.

To qualify for the chance to win the $100 Office Depot gift card you must sign up for an Office Depot account through the Appaloosa Advantage program either as an online login from our special website at or by calling Toll Free 888-304-SPOT and request your Office Depot Corporate Discount card. We will announce the winner on the ApHC website on Sept 16.

Office Depot’s program has three ways to save. When you visit our special website you can select to have an in store retail card to be created and mailed to you. You can also establish a special web login to make purchases online with our corporate pricing and the items in stock will arrive next business day.

Simply visit: Appaloosa Members Advantage Office Depot Website or

Click on the “Start Saving Now ” option and you can put in your information to receive an Office Depot store card and you are also able to establish a Corporate Office Depot login so you can shop from home and have items delivered directly to you.

As an ApHC member you can receive significant discounts from the Appaloosa Advantage Partners Office Depot, John Deere, Sherwin Williams, Toshiba, and Equine Travel Advantage. Simply call and sign up TODAY for these savings programs as a free benefit of your ApHC membership – Appaloosa Members Advantage Toll Free: 888-304-SPOT (7768)

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  1. Jen Evely Said,

    September 2, 2008 @ 9:03 am

    Hello Everyone – I’m Jen Evely and I’m based in Lexington Kentucky. I head our Appaloosa Members Advantage Program.

    Please be sure to either call or email me with your request to sign up with our Office Depot program so that I can ensure you are entered to win the Gift Card.

    Good Luck to Everyone…and remember everyone is a winner when we use these programs…they should help you save on the products you need personally or for your business; it helps out the ApHC association; member participation allows us to have the opportunity to bring more partners for you in the future.

    Have a great September!

    Jen Evely – Appaloosa Members Advantage
    888-304-SPOT (7768)

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