ApHC Board Meets to Clarify Policies for Shows and IRIP

The ApHC Board of Directors held a special meeting August 28th to clarify some key issues for members and exhibitors. Regarding the trial period for announcing finalists in National and World Show open classes, rather than individual line-ups under each judge, the Board agreed to suspend the experiment. At the upcoming World Show, individual line-ups will continue for those classes in which this procedure has traditionally been used.

On the subject of pay-outs from the Performance Permit “incentive fund,” the Board clarified the process for determining how and where a horse qualifies for awards. A qualified horse can win only one award, but may certainly be shown in more than one zone. The award will be based on whichever zone provides the horse with the highest money-earning potential. If there is a tie, meaning the horse ends up ranked the same (for instance in second place) in two or more zones, the horse will earn the monetary award in the zone in which it earned the most points and will be removed from contention in the other zones leaving that money to be paid to the other eligible winning horses. Or, if the horse places first in one zone and second in another zone, it will receive the first place monies and be removed from contention in the zone in which it placed second.

A clarification was made to an earlier decision to accept horses registered with the Appaloosa Horse Association of New Zealand into the International Registration Incentive Program. The rule will specifically identify the Studbook Registry of AHANZ, and not apply to horses in a recently developed “Non-Studbook Registry.”

Exhibitors in Masters division of non-pro Trail, Western Riding and Reining are not required to earn a qualifying point in order to compete at the 2008 World Show. These classes are currently non-pointed classes at regional shows, therefore the qualification requirement forced exhibitors to compete and earn points in regular Non-Pro classes. The Board of Directors will continue to evaluate the various Non-Pro categories and requirements, but agreed that an immediate adjustment was necessary in this case.

Performance Department
We will be mailing premium checks from the National Show at the end of this week.

The World Show premium book is at the printer.

We are processing show results from the 10th of August. All shows held through the end of August count toward World qualifying.

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