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picket-list.jpgThe pre-Chief Joseph Trail Ride briefing included a friendly and humorous lecture covering rules for the picket line. I’ll confess to neglect in my failure to write down or remember everyone’s names, but the picket line commandments were cleverly illustrated and helped make the key points about safety and common sense. Eric Tilleman, in the hat, is a vo-ag instructor in Cascade, Montana. One of his summer activities for the past few years has been to serve as official provider of the picket line.

For example: Thou shalt alternate tie spots so that horses aren’t too crowded; Thou shalt not tie to the metal rings on the line (they aren’t built for that); and, Thou shalt not steal another person’s reserved spot (conversely, if you reserve a particular spot, please use it so as not to confuse the rest of us).

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  1. cg gresham Said,

    July 30, 2008 @ 11:12 am

    were you disappointed in LOLO hot springs? We were there when you were. walked over to see you horse and looked at you leaving on trail tail end Im sorry to say in to mountains..
    We thought the springs we (pool area) were dirty and not mantained as we’ll as in the passed. Mold in over flows and bath rooms left alot to be clean. the bath rooms werent swept in the time we were there at camp site (a week we were there). Hope your ride went well wish we would of know more about your ride. not much info around and didnt wont to horn in and be nosy will pictuers be put on this site?

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