AHC Publishes Horse Industry Guide to Getting Involved in the 2008 Elections

new-picture-3.jpgThe American Horse Council has released “Getting Involved in the 2008 Elections,” a federal election guide for the horse industry. The guide stemmed from the program at the AHC’s National Issues Forum in Washington explaining how the horse industry could take advantage of the 2008 federal elections to get more involved with their elected representatives.

The 2008 elections are a great opportunity for horse associations, businesses and individuals to step up and be heard by the candidates, incumbents and those running for the first time. Candidates for office want to hear from voters, they want your help and most of all they want your votes. 2008 is an opportunity to educate them about the issues important to the horse community and show them our votes are important. The AHC 2008 election guide explains how to do this.

The AHC encourages member organizations to distribute information for obtaining the guide to their state and local affiliates to help ensure the voice of the horse industry is heard this election.

The guide discusses why the horse industry should get involved in the upcoming elections and ways individuals and organizations can go about doing so. It includes sections on why candidates care about the horse community, being able to communicate issues of importance to the horse industry, getting to know the candidates, volunteering and fundraising, as well as knowing the laws governing political activities.

The AHC hopes this guide will be an important resource for all members of the horse community who wish to play a greater role in the democratic process.

Copies of “Getting Involved in the 2008 Elections” can be obtained by contacting the AHC at (202) 296-4031 or by email at

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