ApHC Board of Directors Meeting Summary (part 1)

aphc-logo.jpgJuly, 2008

Officers elected for 2008-09 include: Frank Larrabee, President; Chuck McWhirter, Vice President; Chair of Planning & Review, Laura Lyon; Chair of Finance, Jack Zuidema; Chair of Rules Committee, Debby Letham; and Chair of Marketing, Dennis Dean.

The Board of Directors made a temporary appointment to fill a vacancy in Territory V, Zone A (Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi). Monty Holmes, Cabot, Arkansas, will serve until a special election in the spring of 2009. At that time, he may also run as a candidate for a full term.

Lynette Thompson, Garfield, Washington, was sworn in as the new director from Territory I, Zone A (Washington, Oregon, Alaska, British Columbia and Yukon).

Board Notes

No action was taken on the subject of changing Non-Pro age divisions (a previous motion to study the issue had caused some concern).

Discussion in the Regional Club Committee focused on the need for ongoing communications and ApHC support for non-show activities. There was a question about whether recommendations from town hall meetings have been addressed. In many cases, the suggestions became board motions or discussion topics. Several of the items have also been incorporated into program planning and customer service procedures in the office. We’ll work on a complete checklist that will be distributed.

The ApHC World Sale will include a silent auction of stallion services. Resulting foals will be eligible for Sale Incentive Classes. Owners of stallions sold in the service auction will also be eligible to pay entry into the incentive classes.

There was definite enthusiasm about a “National Appaloosa Day,” which could involve a variety of promotional activities at the regional club level. Stay tuned for more plans but let us know what you think and how your regional club might participate.

It is a consensus of interested folks that we need to bring back a more complete and more regular Journal listing of leading sires and leading-the-nation categories.

We are also exploring ways to get ApHC moving forward to make on-line registration a reality.

A proposal for double-pointed “Zone Shows” was discussed. Also on the table is a proposal to support smaller regional clubs by double pointing some two-judge shows. The board will be working on both ideas during the next few weeks.

ApHC will conduct a “workshop” at the 2009 National Show involving regional clubs, show secretaries and/or others.

A summary of board motions will follow soon.

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  1. Lantz McLaren Said,

    August 6, 2008 @ 7:07 am

    “We are also exploring ways to get ApHC moving forward to make on-line registration a reality.”

    Steve, I would enjoy the opportunity to show you, the ApHC BOD and membership the power and ease of our Animal ID Solutions Association Database and online programs.

    Animal ID Solutions currently provides an online, real time entry process, show management and performance indexing for the Kubota Cup Grand Prix Jumping Series. We also have software assets that include the most comprehensive online horse show management products and TransitionWorks, a programing tool that will allow the ApHC the latitude to build the most robust and complete association database that is not only a breeze for the admin staff, but online access for members to register, transfer, search, file reports etc all managed with the same security and confidence as your current bank accounts.

    Please fell free to contact me

    Lantz McLaren
    VP Sales & Marketing
    Animal ID Solutions

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