Racing Into The Hall of Fame

Clarence CourtrightAt the ApHC Year End Banquet a number of people were inducted into the Hall of Fame. One of them was Clarence Courtright who was sitting at my table.

I had a great conversation with Clarence who is still riding. His main involvement with Appaloosas has been racing although he says he has done some jumping with a mare he owned. In fact, he won some jumping competitions in Canada with that horse.

Clarence says he started riding at a very young age and was asked to ride and race Appaloosas. He recalls the Sacramento State Fair and winning races with Appaloosas in 1964. He says he won the first Appaloosa Derby in the state of California. Over the years he’s been on a lot of horses and really like Appaloosas. He thinks they’re great horses.

Clarence likes Jackson, MS. He’s been here before and like most towns he says, it just keeps getting bigger. He spent some time at the show and says it looks like the showing side of the business is coming back but he’s not too sure about the racing side of things.

You can listen to my interview with Clarence here: Listen To MP3Interview With Clarence Courtright (5 min MP3)

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