Ring Man On Stage With Callaway

Justin AinsworthDuring the Callaway concert last night, one young man had a song dedicated just to him. Callaway called him down to the stage and provided him with a very special moment.

He’s Justin Ainsworth and if you’ve been here at the show then you’ll have seen him working hard in the rings. Justin says he’s been working cattle, opening gates, setting up poles and doing just about anything asked of him. He says it’s hard work but good work and a little tiring.

He’s been around horses since he was 5 and feels like he knows what he’s doing. I asked him about Callaway and he says he’s known her for a long time but was surprised when she called him up on stage and sang a song to him. He likes to hear her sing and says that someday she’ll, “Make George Strait level.”

You can listen to my interview with the Justin here: Listen to MP3 Interview With Justin Ainsworth (2 min MP3)

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