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Steve Taylor and Ring AnnouncerHello once again from the National Appaloosa Show. This time in Jackson, MS. I’ll be your guest blogger for a couple of days, doing interviews and taking pictures to post here on Appaloosa Blog Spot. I got started this morning with Executive Director and master blogger himslef, Steve Taylor. Steve is pictured on the right of our morning ring announcer, Dave Branham.

We primarily talked about the move of the National Show to Jackson, MS. He says the plan to make the move started before he joined the organization 2 years ago. Some of the reasons for the move included making sure they’re getting the best bang for their buck and allowing some new people in a different part of the country to have an opportunity to participate that couldn’t before. He says that since the National Show is open to just about anyone, unlike the World Show, this will hopefully bring in some new faces.

Like any major decision he says that not everyone was in complete agreement with the move but the board made the decision after having lots of discussion on the pros and cons with members in various territories. He says the board had to look at economics and other realities, including getting exposure in another part of the country. He’d like members and exhibitors to know that the staff and vendors have worked on this for a couple of years and that the staff has been on site several times to make sure that the show is as organized as possible.

So far he thinks things have worked out very well with the new facilities. He’s had lots of positive comments from exhibitors. Steve also wanted to make special note of the Youth Show. He says the young people here can be stacked up well against any other breed association and he’s proud of them.

Steve says the move also allowed them to look at how they’re marketing the show. He says they’ve received very good coverage from local media and that the organizational members themselves have been doing a great job of word of mouth. The staff is making sure they personally invite community members to the show whenever they’re off site.

You can download and listen to my interview with Steve here: Listen to MP3 Interview With Steve Taylor (14 min MP3)

I’ve started a photo album for the show which you can find here: National Show Photo Album

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