John Deere plays with dirt

john-deere-and-jack.jpgAmong the many “chores” associated with putting on a horse show is arena maintenance. At the World Championship Appaloosa Youth Show in Jackson, Mississippi, this week, we are pleased to have the support of John Deere and the sponsorship of Southern Tractor. Southern is the premier John Deere dealer and service provider for central and southern Mississippi. They have dealerships in Canton, Hattiesburg, Summit, Mendenhall and Bolton. Thank you Southern Tractor! Check them out at www.southerntractorcom.

One of our Bronze Sponsors is Arena Werks. The Arena Werks Collection is manufactured exclusively by Snodgress Equipment. From rotary harrows to custom equipment for a range of farm and ranch needs, Arena Werks can fit your needs. You can see more at

Sure, this post is a commercial plug for our sponsors, but why not? We can’t get along without them and they are a vital part of the Appaloosa community. They are genuinely appreciated for all the support they give to ApHC members.

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