Appaloosa wanted for para-equestrian rider

We received the note below and thought it worthy of dissemination. If a regional club or other group would be interested in supporting Beth, it could certainly be a rewarding endeavor. I mentioned to her that we are in the process of organizing the Appaloosa Foundation, which will be an appropriate channel for this type of request. More details about the Foundation will be available once it’s official.

Hi, my name is Beth Levine. I am an accomplished Para-equestrian rider. A Para-equestrian rider is a rider with some type of physical challenge. I have been on the “long list” of the USA Team for Para-equestrians for some time. One can find out more about this type of riding and competition at USEF web site under the sub-heading of “high-Performance”. Additionally, information can also be found on the USET web site. The Paralympic movement was begun after WWII in an effort to offer soldiers injured in the service of their country more opportunities for rehabilitation as well as a chance to again excel.

In order to be moved to the “short list” of the USA Team I need an appropriate partner to stand out with. Such a horse will need to be competitive at an international level in dressage to Prix St. Georges and would have the opportunity to be an exceptional ambassador for his/her breed! The United States Equestrian Federation recognizes dressage as the fastest growing area of the horse industry and is fueled by the Amateur Owner.

I propose that your association assist me in purchasing a horse that will wonderfully represent your breed. Not only will this offer a yearly chance to internationally promote your breed to the “dressage community” as a representative of Team USA but also we (the horse and I) would be available for other events and FEI competitions to promote your extraordinary breed throughout the year! I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,

“Not only does YOUR breed excel in Dressage-but it is SO wonderful that it can do so with a challenged rider”.

Contact Information

19723 112th Ave. NE
Bothell WA 98011

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