Appaloosa Fest at the Museum

kidsmuseumhalloffame-008.jpgYoungsters and their handlers were invited to the Appaloosa Museum in Moscow this past weekend for an annual event known as Appaloosa Fest. Although the day was chilly, windy and sometimes wet, a good sample of Palouse area kids stopped by to meet and ride a live Appaloosa, try their small hands at roping, decorate their own paper horse and generally experience a bit of horse-related fun. It’s always enjoyable to see the wide eyes of a four-year-old as he/she explores the activity area of the museum and chats enthusiastically about the opportunity to see and touch a real horse.

We’ll have additional information soon about this year’s raffle horse. He’s a colorful attraction at the Appaloosa Museum, but eventually he’ll find a permanent home with the lucky winner of a drawing this fall.

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