Mint production in Idaho

drew-eggers-mint-still.jpgEvery once in a while it’s my duty to broaden the range of topics available to Blog Spot readers. This photo is of Drew Eggers, a mint farmer from the Nampa, Idaho, area. His irrigated farm was part of a tour for folks attending a Livestock Publications Council workshop this past week in Boise. As a relative newcomer to the Gem State, I continue to learn about the variety and inter-connectedness of our agricultural pursuits.

Mr. Eggers produces peppermint and spearmint, processes the harvested material through the distillery in the photo and markets the oil. His product ends up in your toothpaste, chewing gum and a host of other everyday stuff. As with most other commodities, the value of mint oil has doubled in the past year. Of course almost all of a farmer’s input costs have soared as well. But it’s pretty impressive to think that a barrel of mint oil is worth approximately $10,000 these days. Almost makes gasoline seem affordable.

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