Equine-assisted learning

I was drawn to a feature in last weekend’s New York Times about the Horse Institute in Ancramdale, N.Y. The writer, Harry Hurt III, participated in a session for corporate types and came away with some interesting insights.

According to Marie-Claude Stockl, the executive director and co-owner of the Horse Institute, “Horses are like people, they introduce themselves at their own pace.” This was in reference to an exercise in which the participants needed to figure out how to catch their horse.

Another good quote from Stockl: “The biggest problem in the corporate world is that we don’t live in the present. When we come to the workplace, we bring in grudges and things from the past and worries about the future. Horses live in the present. They don’t hold grudges. They’re happy to try something new, unlike many of us who remain stuck in the past. Living in the present works for horses. I think it works for humans, too.”

The Horse Institute is a specialized offshoot of the nonprofit Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (see, there really is an association for everything and everyone).

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