2008 ApHC director election results

aphc-logo.jpgThe Appaloosa Horse Club is pleased to announce the results from the 2008 Board of Directors election.

There were contested elections in two territories. In Territory I (Zone A) the new director will be Lynette Thompson, Garfield, Washington. In Territory III (Zone A) Jim Jirkovsky, Kearney, Nebraska, is re-elected. Each will serve a three-term on the board.

The following directors ran unopposed and are therefore re-elected to an additional three-year term:

In Territory II (Zone A), Dennis Dean, Apple Valley, California;

In Territory IV (Zone A), Larry Baker, Sumner, Texas;

In Territory VI (Zone A), Laura Lyon, Howell, Michigan;

*In Territory V (Zone A), Although technically “properly nominated and deemed” re-elected, Eric BeenĂ© has declined the directorship term which begins July 3, 2008. According to ApHC bylaws, the Board of Directors may make a termporary appointment of any directorship to be filled by appointing an ApHC member domiciled in the affected geographical zone, but a special election is required when the unexpired term of the vacancy exceeds one year.

The bylaws do not require a special election to be held immediately, therefore a temporary appointment could be made and remain in effect for the period of time between swearing in and the next regularly scheduled election. Of course, the appointed person may then run as a candidate for the unexpired term.

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  1. Dave Dunfee Said,

    June 2, 2008 @ 6:01 am

    I hope that with the election that our board is ready and able to start handling the tuff issues. I hope that we will be able to get the financials in order and run this like the business that it really is. I am new to the organization. Having joined in 2006. What I have witnessed since then is alot of confusion. From my view this organization needs to be run like a business. I have made a significant investment myself. The breed deserves to be represented better than it has been. Good Luck to all of the leaders elected and paid as our fate and the breeds fate rests in your hands.

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