Apache Land Trail Ride Crew

altr-crew.JPGThese are the people who make it all happen on an ApHC-sponsored ride. The “crew” is responsible for everything but the weather. They literally scout the best trails, organize the riders and keep them safe, tend to the health of people and horses and share some really good stories. In the case of Hugh Williams, coordinator for the ride, there are countless other details, not the least of which is putting together an impressive collections of awards and prizes.

Left to right: Dr. Leon Self, Oklahoma – official trail ride veterinarian; Gene Latham, New Mexico – scout; Jeff Hoffman, Texas – scout; John Young, Texas – scout and personal valet; Kirk Knowlton, Texas – farrier and coordinator of pranks; Mike Howard, Texas – chief scout, emcee, storyteller, etc.; Dr. John Corpolongo, Oklahoma – official trail ride physician; and Hugh Williams, New Mexico – ride manager.

Thanks to these gentlemen for all their work and support. The 25th Anniversary Apache Land Trail Ride was truly a success and these guys get most of the credit. All the riders get a good dose of thanks as well for their significant investment of time, money and good will.

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