25 Years on the trail!

altr-25-yr-riders.JPGWe need to shine the Appaloosa spotlight on some true veterans of the Apache Land Trail Ride. These folks have been involved from the beginning and share the distinction of participating in all 25 rides! Their brand of dedication is humbling and certainly worthy of our gratitude and congratulations.

Left to right: Al Maxey, Colorado; Cathy Benoit, Florida; Dr. John Corpolongo, Oklahoma – official trail doctor on this and all other ApHC-sponsored rides; Judy Haas, Arizona; Martha Howard and Mike Howard, Texas – Mike is chief scout, emcee, cheerleader, etc.

As you can guess, these people are long-time promoters of the Appaloosa breed and find numerous ways to support the efforts of the Club. “Thank you” doesn’t quite do the trick, but it’s a start.

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