VGL Tour

vdltournplc.jpgDr. Cecilia Penedo, University of California-Davis, explains the steps involved in DNA testing at the Veterninary Genetics Laboratory for members of the National Pedigreed Livestock Council. The NPLC met this week in Sacramento to catch up on trends in livestock genetics, legal issues relating to intellectual property, activities of those who oppose animal agriculture and assorted discussions of association management.

Thanks to the VGL staff and everyone at UC-Davis who helped organize and coordinate the meeting in Sacramento. More than 50 members attended, with nine horse breed associations represented. This type of gathering is especially useful for those of us who don’t normally have the opportunity to share ideas and information with folks who work for other breed organizations. Equine folks obviously focused on specifics in the horse industry, but we can always learn from other groups who serve a membership of livestock raisers.

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