Mane Event notes

madden3.JPGWe really enjoy getting reports from the field about Appaloosa folks doing well and spreading the gospel. Here’s a note from Brian McLachlin about daughter Kaylee, who is a member of the Alberta ApHA:

The photo is of Kaylee (McLachlin), Amigo and Frank Madden from the 3 day clinic at the Mane Event. The clinic went very well, and was a very positive experience. The sessions each day were 75 minutes long, and done in groups of 6 riders. The other 5 horses in Kaylee’s group were all large bays that were 1 to 2 hands taller than Amigo. Needless to say, Amigo stood out. I heard one girl sitting near us say “I want to see the Appy go, it might give me hope for mine.”

The first day was mostly flatwork, and Frank made a few comments like “That was good for an Appaloosa”, so I wasn’t too sure how the 3 days would go. Saturday saw some more flat work and Amigo stood out, not because of his size or color but because of his nice extended trot. It certainly caught the eye of the crowd which was huge on Saturday. There was more jumping than the day before and Kaylee more than held her own. She and Amigo rode clean, while a few of the other horses were taking down a rail or two.

Day three was mostly jumping, and Frank couldn’t say enough nice things about Amigo. One of the warm-up exercises saw the riders doing 5 strides between fences at a fairly open gallop. When it was Kaylee’s turn, Frank figured they would have to do 6 strides, but they did it in 5 like the bigger warmbloods. At this point he commented on how Amigo was “a real tryer”. Near the end of the session they did the course as if it was a jump-off situation. Amigo and Kaylee made some very neat inside turns, and went clear. The last 2 fences Frank was saying “What a horse! What a horse!” He told the crowd that he has great jump.

It was wonderful to see the difference in his comments from Friday to Sunday. By the applause you could tell Amigo was definitely a crowd favorite. Kaylee had many people coming up to her after the clinic to talk about her horse. The clinic was a great learning experience. Kaylee improved her fundamentals, and learned a lot about course management. It also showed that she is doing many things correctly, and that Amigo is getting some excellent training by Kaylee’s coach.

Brian McLachlin

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