South Dakota Horse Fair report

sdfairpic.jpgMore than 8,000 people attended the 18th Annual South Dakota Horse Fair held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on March 14th-15th. Once again, Appaloosas were given a chance to shine at the South Dakota Horse Fair by having a booth in the breed boulevard hosted by the Center of the Nation Appaloosa Horse Club (CON ApHC). The CON ApHC offered information in the booth about Appaloosas as well as having a live Appaloosa yearling, RDA Fancy Lady owned by R Dream Appaloosas, available for people to see.

The ApHC provided Youth Judging Guides for a judging clinic, and the helpful books were a big hit with many of the youth there to learn more about judging horses. During the Breed Parade, the history of the Appaloosa was shared with the spectators as Appaloosa horses were exhibited in the arena showcasing the versatility and temperament of today’s breed.

Appaloosas were also represented in Stallion Avenue by ImpressMeDocO’Pepper, a 7-year old stallion owned by Colin and Denise Dutenhoffer. Pepper gave many people insight in to what the Appaloosas can be like and visitors could not believe they were actually observing a stallion that was so relaxed that he laid down in his stall in spite of the crowds enjoying the Horse Fair. Pepper also showed off his gentle temperament by allowing a 5-year-old girl ride him bareback in the arena during the Breed Parade.

The South Dakota Horse Fair also hosted a Stallion Versatility Competition, with only the stallions on Stallion Avenue allowed to participate. Stallions participated in 5 events: Western Pleasure, Barrels, Freestyle Reining, Ranch Cutting, and Halter to earn points toward the high place overall versatility award. ImpressMeDocO’Pepper, ridden by Denise Dutenhoffer, participated in four of the five events but did not win the title.

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  1. John Said,

    April 19, 2008 @ 6:36 pm


    Saw a picture of you in a straw hat! You looked good! Don’t think I ever saw you in a hat here at MBIC. Hope all is well.


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