WSU Receives Grant for Global Animal Health School

Washington State University (WSU) received a $25-million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help construct a $35-million building that is to become the centerpiece of WSU’s new School for Global Animal Health. Research at the school will focus on discovering new vaccines, diagnostics and other strategies to control global infectious diseases that affect both animals and humans.

“WSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine is a worldwide leader in research on animal health and its link to human health,” says WSU President Elson S. Floyd. “The generous support of the Gates Foundation is truly transformational. The work of WSU researchers will be dramatically enhanced, and the results of their work could impact countless lives in this country and around the globe.”

The school will focus on three interrelated approaches to global animal and public health, including: vaccine development and deployment, emerging pathogen and disease detection, and control of disease transmission from animals to humans.

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