More Notes from the Board Meeting

We should have more committee reports and discussion summaries posted later this week. Some of the motions voted on at the ApHC Board of Directors meeting in Albuquerque will need a second approval, while others don’t require a specific rule change. I’ve tried to identify which is which, but I’m assuming additional review and edits are required before anything gets the “official” stamp.

Rules Committee Recommendations to the Board

The Board gave approval to a rule adjustment allowing members to enroll in Appaloosa Competitive All-Breed Activities Program (ACAAP) on-site, the day of the event.

Directed staff to conduct an analysis (financial and program) for an ACAAP “Premium Promotion” Awards program.

The Board approved the “Asociacion del Caballo Appaloosa de Mexico” as an approved International Association Registry for the purpose of incorporating it into the International Registration Incentive Program (IRIP).

Modified the wording of an earlier motion to read that the “main registry” of AHBSSA (South Africa Appaloosas) would be part of the IRIP.

The Board adopted a revision to rule 236 which outlines percentages required for “FPD” designation. Beginning in 2009, the FPD percentage requirement increases to 77% and will remain at that level until 2019 (at which time an additional horse in the preceding four generations will be required – 23 out of 30).

A motion failed that would have added registered half-Arabs with AQHA or TB parents to the list of approved outcrosses for registration with ApHC.

The Board approved the addition of Omeprazole (Gastro Guard and Ulcer Guard) to the conditionally permitted medications list.

The Board also added Firocoxib (Equioxx) to the list of conditionally permitted medications. Equioxx is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory oral paste for horses for the control of pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis in horses.

Finance Committee Recommendations to the Board

The Board approved a process whereby horses earning the titles of World or National champions or reserve may have the award listed on registration papers for a fee of $100.

The Board approved a four-year agreement with IEG, Inc., a sponsorship valuation, research and analysis company.

Approved: A plaque will (also) be awarded to any horse that completes 13 non-consecutive Chief Joseph Trail Rides.

Approved: A renewal of leases with the Appaloosa Museum for both the building and land for a five-year period.

The Board approved a supplement to the APEX program to be known as the APEX Color Program, which will pay an additional prize for eligible Appaloosa horses winning any of the events listed in the APEX category.

The Board approved the proposed FY 2009 ApHC budget of $5,394,260.

From the “Approval/Disapproval” Motions

The one-time transported semen fee of $100 for stallions was eliminated. *(In my original post, it only mentioned approved outcross stallions. The fee has been eliminated for all stallion owners).


  1. Dana Said,

    March 17, 2008 @ 9:35 am

    First you want a yearly fee to be able to ship semen. Then you decide that a one-time fee for the life of the horse will be charged. Now, if I read it correctly, you are back to charging a yearly fee? Are you going to grandfather the stallions that have sent in their money? C’mon people…you continue to reverse direction and shoot yourselves in the foot. Raise the rate to something more than $100, if you are trying to make money off of the program, but make it a one-time fee and be done with it.

  2. Dave Said,

    March 20, 2008 @ 8:06 am

    Has anyone ever said lets see what hasn’t worked in the past or with other more successful breed associations. What is it that works in the AQHA or the APHA ? Why is our association known as the one that’s rules never make sense? Why are they always changing? The ApHC has single handedly devalued the Appaloosa to a point that you can’t hardly give them away. Ask all of your Breeders and see how successful they are. If they bundle all of there services they might get by. If you are a big operation you might be getting by. We have a bad reputation and we are not making it any better. When it comes to a horse of color in the show pen winning, (now thats a thought) everyone is interested in the dark or solid horse. This is the Appaloosa Breed. Color should be a premium. Yes it should move the best. All I hear is that the horse has too much color it will not stand out on the rail. I got a great solution, PAINT THE WALL BLACK! Not rocket science is it? Are we showing Quarter Horses or Appaloosa’s? If you are breeding a solid horse let them be the ones that suffer on the white wall. Why is it that every month we have a beautiful colored animal on the cover of the Journal? All the trainers want is solids. Who are you trying to please? I am very disappointed with what I see and what I have been being told by the leaders of this CLUB. Poor management Poor Leadership Poor Product. I love my Appaloosa’s. Not very happy with the club. NO FUN !

  3. Kelly Said,

    March 26, 2008 @ 5:13 pm

    I am confused! What is going on with the shipped semen permits? Please clarify. Dave I understand where you are coming from I deal with AQHA,APHA and ApHC and you are correct about peoples perception of Appaloosas. I can sell my AQHA and APHA babies alot faster than my ApHC’s but my heart belongs to my Appaloosas. I had a gentlemen call me yesterday and purchase my AQHA 2008 colt and he thought I was nuts to even breed Apps. he said where he lives you can’t give them away. I politely informed him he had never seen my Apps and maybe he should take a look before being so quick to judge. I wish I could just breed Apps but unfortunately it takes a variety to pay the bills. Apps are my preference but AQHA and APHA keep the doors open.

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