ApHC Rules Committee

The Rules Committee, chaired by Debby Letham, is another of the “major” ApHC board committees that met today. I’m still working through the list of proposals that went through this group, but many of the issues can be found in posted minutes from the July meeting.

We can start with a proposal that didn’t get passed along to the board. It was a suggestion that youth novice points should be determined by actual competitions of the exhibitor, whether or not they own the horse they exhibit. I suspect the general issue of novice points, requirements for advancement out of novice and other parts of the record-keeping system will continue to be analyzed.

Among the proposals that will be voted on by the board on Wednesday:

ACAAP Rules and Requirements
Allow ACAAP enrollments to be made at the same time they enter a show (open shows or specialty organization events). In other words, don’t force people who have an interest in the program to delay (or even forget about) their decision to enroll. An application, enrollment fee and show/event entry could all be submitted to ApHC at the same time. If the person is a non-member, they could also become a member that day as well.

ACAAP Premium Promotion Awards
The intent of this agenda item is to reward exemplary performance by Appaloosa horses at accredited open events. This refers in particular to Appaloosa folks who venture out and participate in NRHA, NCHA, NSBA, USEF events and other competitions.

An amended motion asked that a financial impact study, additional information and proposed rule additions be presented at the July board meeting. This motion passed and will move forward.

Other show and registration rules were debated. Some of them dealt with potential new countries as participants in the International Registration Incentive Program, more discussion of the “excessive white” guidelines for registration – especially as they might relate to suggested expansion of approved outcrosses (more on this later). Actually, the more I think about the wide range of topics, the more dangerous it becomes for me to pick a few to mention here. I’ll round up the specific motions at the end of the day and include a few of those that haven’t already been published.

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