Albuquerque update: Planning & Review Committee

One of the “major” committees having discussions today was the Planning and Review Committee, chaired by director Laura Lyon. Much of this committee’s agenda involved proposals that will move forward to the Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday.

P&R Committee will bring forward some discussion items in July that deal with ApHC committee and board processes, roles and responsibilities of committee chairs, the flow of action items through the committee structure, ideas about the number of committees, the number of members on committees and other related issues.

The committee recommended that a specific proposal to establish an ApHC Foundation be provided at the July board meeting. The ApHC Foundation would enable Appaloosa folks to contribute tax-deductible funds to categories such as equine research, a crisis fund for ApHC members and others suffering hardships, injury or other difficulties, as well as youth leadership development and education/information programs. This organization would not displace or effect the status of thhe Youth Foundation or the Museum Foundation. It would in fact be able to direct funds to those groups while also supporting things such as genetics or equine health research.

There was also consensus that ApHC needs to explore membership options for the the club to join the Unwanted Horse Coalition. Board members agree that the slaughter ban and worsening economic conditions have had a critical impact on the number of abused, neglected and abandoned horses all across the country. The coalition is involved in public education and industry initiatives to address the problems associated with literally “unwanted” horses.

A group will be established to ensure that plans are made for a workshop to be held at the 2009 National Show. The workshop would specifically involve regional club leaders, especially those responsible for managing regional club shows.

Another proposal would open the registration “window” for horses currently registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada. Those horses would be deemed eligible for ApHC registration.

Discussed the payback schedule for racehorses as well as distance/endurance horses from the Performance Permit funds.

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