Board meeting discussions

jimraygeneron.jpgThe ApHC Board of Directors is meeting this week in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As you can imagine, much of the discussion takes place in committee meetings leading up to the board session. In many cases, directors bring forward comments and recommendations from members in their territories and beyond. Some issues and questions come from previous board meetings for final action or some sort of adjustment.

For example, the Show Committee conducted a work session on Sunday March 9th to sort through a rather long list of topics. Some of the discussion turned into specific agenda items for the official committee meeting on Tuesday and some require more development before they can be given serious consideration.

Western Area Show
Dennis Dean is spearheading a study group that is exploring options for a major ApHC-approved show in the spring of 2009. The location is yet to be determined, but the group is looking at Reno, Nevada, and Indio, California.

Regional Show Management
There is definite interest in organizing more idea-sharing opportunities for folks who manage regional ApHC shows or serve as officers of regional clubs. Opportunities include hosting a workshop at the National Show in 2009. It wouldn’t replace town hall meetings or any other gathering. It’s simply meant to give a chance for people to visit with each other and staff to brush up on show rules, paperwork requirements, web-based services and even issues relating to registration.

We are working to put more information on the website and provide managers with more tools and ideas for their toolboxes. We may also try to organize a rotating group of guest panelists to help us provide one-on-one communications.

While we’re on the subject, we understand the importance of getting more web-based information through webinars, podcasts and other means out to all ApHC members. For example, it would be neat to post in-depth interviews with various program staff, board members, judges and others. We could feature a panel of trainers, hear from our AYA officers and listen to tips from some of our vendors and sponsors.

We continue to deal with the implications of an aging population of judges (with complete respect to our current judges) and the rate at which we are able to replace retiring judges. One part of the equation is how far we should go in requiring applicants to “junior-judge” and how many shows they need before receiving their card. In case you’re wondering, we haven’t answered all the questions yet, but it’s being considered to require junior judges to turn in their cards just as if they were handing in official cards and to require them to junior judge at shows with at least a certain number of entries (not sure of a number yet).


  1. Brian Amerine Said,

    March 11, 2008 @ 1:07 pm


    Thank you for giving us folks who could not get away to the meeting an update. I’m hoping to see another post from today’s discussions, as well as an official wrap up, detailed information on what had been accomplished, and what is to be worked on for the future.

    Most appreciatively,
    Brian & Amy
    Delaware, Ohio

  2. Dave Said,

    March 30, 2008 @ 10:59 am

    As much as anything else judges need to become more aware that Appaloosa horses that have color ( rare as this is anymore ) in the Pleasure class’s, should be judged as equally as possible. I know the solids show up better, but an Appaloosa judge needs to see through the color and identify the quality of each horse regardless of color. Judges that want to judge our shows should be interviewed prior to recieving their card and determine if they are fit and qualified to judge a class that can have our diversity of color. It is sad that we fear loud colored foals as being a negative.

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