Territory 1 Membership Workshops

With the success of the Town Hall meeting held in December, some members from Territory 1 have organized workshops in various places in the Territory.

“Members have been asking for some time now to make their voices better heard by the Appaloosa Horse Club” says one of the workshop organizers. “Any Appaloosa enthusiast is invited to come and learn about the Appaloosa Horse Club, discuss its programs, and be heard.”

The first of these workshops will be held at the Dakota Magic Casino, Hankinson, ND on Feb 16, 2008 beginning at 9:00 AM. Gail Smith has organized a great day fro Appaloosa owners featuring discussions on regional clubs, the Appaloosa Museum and ApHC programs. A block of rooms have been set aside for the workshop for those who wish to stay overnight. For more information contact Gail at 888-801-1685, or at the email

The second workshop will be held in Missoula, Montana on April 26-27, 2008, with Jan Phillips as organizer. This one’s to be held at Ruby’s Reserve Street Inn, with registration beginning at 12:00 PM on April 26. Contact Jan at 406-626-5331, or email her at

The third workshop will be held in Moscow, Idaho–the Appaloosa Horse Club’s hometown– on May 17-18, 2008. The first day’s activities will begin at 9:00AM with tours of the Appaloosa Museum to be given by George Hatley. Other members of the Appaloosa Museum Board will be available to answer questions. There will also be guided tours of the Appaloosa Horse Club offices that will show you how a registration is handled, from mail receipt to outgoing mail. Registration for the workshops will begin at 12:00 PM at the University Inn with the workshop to begin at 1:00 PM. Lynette Thompson is the organizer of the Moscow workshop. She may be contacted at 509-635-1114 or

Workshops in Missoula and Moscow will discuss Appaloosa Horse Club Programs, the Appaloosa and the changing horse world, regional clubs and other topics that the discussions lead us to. Examples of questions to be addressed might be:

If you were to purchase a new breeding animal, would incentives to win awards make an animal more attractive?

Would you utilize the ACCAP program more if it were more user friendly and winners were given more recognition?

Suggest tools that the ApHC could give you that would make it easier for you to market the Appaloosa horse.

Do you belong to and participate in a regional club? If not, why.

As both the Missoula and Moscow meeting are overnight, there will blocks of rooms available at reduced prices. There will also be a fee of $45 per person that will cover Saturday evening buffet, Sunday morning brunch and 5 door prize tickets.


  1. Taryn Said,

    February 4, 2008 @ 2:32 pm

    Answer to the first question-No. When I look at a breeding animal I consider far more than just winning a prize. How will that animal fit into my program, whether it be show, race, endurance, etc., and how will that animal and its offspring affect the breed as a whole.
    #3. Not a problem
    #4. No, I am not currently involved in a regional club. The nearest active one that I know of is over 100 miles away, making it extremely difficult to attend meetings, especially in the evenings.

  2. Penny Whitehead Said,

    February 19, 2008 @ 8:28 pm

    Question 1- It is doubtful I will purchase a new animal for breeding, just pleasure but if I do, I will not be to win awards to make it more valuable, it should be valuable before purchase.
    Question 2- I no longer show so not applicable but I do wholeheartedly support the program.
    Question 3- More exposure, more support for that exposure through ads in other publications, presence at events, regional clubs to do the work or even local breeders. Encouragement of artists and companies to use the colorful Appaloosa as background or main subjects.
    Question 4- Yes I am a member and proudly of one of the oldest regional clubs in ApHC, Palouse Empire Appaloosa Club in the area of Washington and Idaho near the home of the ApHC.

  3. Dar- Said,

    February 21, 2008 @ 7:52 am

    Can you send me the summary from this meeting as well? Is there any more thought into making the summary public for the folks that can not attend? Thank you.

  4. Steve Said,

    February 21, 2008 @ 9:22 am

    Will do. And, I’ll find a place to post the summaries on the website – regional clubs/affiliates section.

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