HYPP test – additional info

We had a recent comment and question about ApHC’s fee for handling an HYPP test versus a different fee for an indendent test. I asked for some help from folks in the Registration Department. Here is a synopsis of their update:

Maxxam Analytics, Inc. completes HYPP tests on an independent basis and under a contractual relationship with ApHC. The ApHC fee of $45 is in line with industry standards. The $45 pays for the work by the lab and ApHC costs for retaining the data (salaries and other overhead).

When ApHC receives independent HYPP test results (for which you pay a $35 fee), we will only microfilm the letter — we will not put it in the horse’s permanent records nor on the registration papers. We also require parentage verification from the same sample. If we are able to get both HYPP and PV, we can enter the data in the horse’s file and put results on the papers. The problem is, Maxxam does not always get the horse type/breed from their independent clients.

We’ll continue to work with the lab and with breeders to clarify and simplify the process.

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