Performance Permit color incentive payout

chief-lotta-dots.jpgRevenue generated from 2007 purchases of performance permits is designated to be paid out at the end of 2008 to top horses in the Appaloosa show, race and distance fields. Only ApHC-registered Appaloosas with Regular registration papers are eligible for payback money.

Total dollars set aside for this program will be divided into 20 equal parts. Nineteen of those equal parts will be paid out in each of the 19 geographical voting zones (as defined in the ApHC handbook) and will be paid to the year-end high-point horses competing in open classes at ApHC-approved regional club shows within each zone. The horse must earn at least one point in a halter class and one point in a performance class in order to be eligible for payout monies. If there are no qualifying horses, monies will be rolled over and added to the award in that specific zone for the following year. For each horse earning payout money, the award will be split 80 percent to the owner and 20 percent to the breeder.

Payouts to 19 zone high-points are as follows:
If four or more qualify: 55 percent to first, 23 percent to second, 12 percent to third, and 10 percent to fourth
If three qualify: 60 percent to first, 25 percent to second, and 15 percent to third
If two qualify: 68 percent to first, 32 percent to second
If one qualifies: 100 percent to first

The remaining payout money will be split with 50 percent paid back to top-earning racehorses and the remaining 50 percent paid out in the ApHC Distance program.

Of the money set aside for the distance program, half will be paid to the year-end high-mileage endurance horse and half to the year-end high-mileage competitive horse.

The ApHC reserves the right to make changes, employ tie-breaking procedures and adjust placings/funds in cases of disqualification or make changes as may otherwise be necessary. Any changes to the program will be published in **Appaloosa Journal.**


  1. Julie Kreider Said,

    January 16, 2008 @ 2:51 am

    So am I missing something?
    The P.P. was pushed through on the premise that we were “charging” the owners of the solid colored horses and allowing them to show so that we could take those funds and promote the breeding of our colored horses. This even went to the extent of insinuating the money would be used for most colorful incentives.
    Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with promoting a versatile horse. I love versatile horses and our farm follows those types of bloodlines. Certainly all around horses SHOULD be rewarded and are! There are numerous high point awards already in existence at the regional club level. It’s just that I don’t see how this program really is going to inspire anyone into action to breed for color do you?

    The way this incentive program reads, not only does it not do that, it seems to cater to only a select few. Let me explain why I feel this way.

    First of all, it pretty much eliminates the young horses not yet in performance (as you need that performance high point). Unless we are once again pushing the young horses to perform or be ridden before they are physically and emotionally mature. It’s reasonable to assume that the vast majority of horses younger than two would be ruled out. It also means that since the horses generally have to be two or older to gain any significant performance points the 20% breeders incentive will be too long range to be effective.

    Secondly, it eliminates horses that do strictly halter or strictly performance. You have to earn open points in both. So what if you have a halter stallion? Or what if you have a horse that is strictly performance disciplined- a fine athlete but would never be haltery enough to earn an open halter point? Sure, we all like to recognize the all around horse but that was not what we were told was going to be the intention of this program…the intention was supposed to be to promote breeding for color.

    Third….since this program is based on high point awards coming from OPEN classes that discriminates against a lot of newbies and others showing non-pro….and what of our youth? They often don’t have the same advantages or skills to compete against the trainers to the degree to earn top high point awards. In fact, the whole thing seems geared towards people who have and can afford professional trainers for their horses because it is based only on open points.

    It’s also sex biased. The reality is, it is much harder for a stallion to earn an open halter point then a gelding or a mare because the stallion classes can be very small. Also, fewer stallions, particularly halter stallions, are ridden. Instead, it seems unfairly slanted towards people with hunter in hand/ English disciplined horses since hunter in hand qualifies for “halter.”

    Why does the money for the race and endurance horses not require a halter class since all the rest of the performance horses are?

    Finally, has anyone got a handle on the amount of actual dollars we are talking about? Not the numbers…the actual total dollars?

    Unfortunately, I see this entire program as just another paperwork burden for our already overburdened regional clubs. I also see a lot of controversy that will brew over this.

    Couldn’t we have come up with something simpler and more equitable that achieves the objective of encouraging breeding for color and couldn’t this incentive plan been put to membership first before it was a done deal?

  2. Richard Lankford Said,

    January 20, 2008 @ 7:54 am

    I agree having a performance horse such as , games, cattle, etc. to earn a halter point before it can participate in the P.P. incientive payback program is going to be very difficult. Same with a halter horse having to earn performance point before it can participate. It will be difficult for either category to meet this requirement.
    If this requirement stands it will eliminate a lot of horses competing for the incentive payback.
    I don’t understand the intent of this requirement.

  3. Felicia Bailey Said,

    February 7, 2014 @ 8:11 pm

    I am proud to own a color horse that can do halter and run all speed events.Thank you for the program.

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