Putting the Ideas on the Wall

wrapup.jpgAfter serious discussion in four different breakout groups, members at the town hall meeting in Hartford heard a summary report from each moderator. Some of the ideas specifically for regional clubs included a workshop or seminar to help clubs recruit sponsors, more and better communication between clubs within a zone and territory, and more help with overall promotion and marketing.

At the office, we’ve already talked about a couple of priorities mentioned in Hartford. We definitely want to investigate some options for trade show displays and materials. One possibility is to arrange for a buying pool to offer tabletop displays at a nice discount. Regional clubs could keep these for their own use and update handout material as it becomes available. We’ve also agreed that we should make a variety of handouts available for download so that clubs could print a supply for themselves whenever they need more. One of the biggest bumps in the budget road for ApHC marketing is the cost of shipping materials – often on short notice. Sometimes it’s our own fault, sometimes it’s just one of those things. In any case, by offering a variety on-line, clubs would have access to printed material most suited to their region and audience.

Regional clubs were encouraged to take advantage of local opportunities to have shows and activities listed in media calendars, usually at no cost. It was also suggested that clubs could provide gift subscriptions of the Appaloosa Journal to local libraries, schools, professional offices, Extension agents, FFA chapters, etc.

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