Trail End for Tony Nix and Barry Corbin

Tony Nix, Chip and Barry CorbinThese good looking guys were key to the movie “Trail End.” On the left is Tony Nix, owner of the horse in the middle, Chippen Gold (“Chip”). On the right is Barry Corbin.

I spoke to both of them after yesterday’s screening of the movie here at the World Show. Barry says the horse was the star and he only played a supporting role. He says about Chip, “He supported me but I supported him. It was kind of like a partnership.” In my interview you’ll hear Barry describe the movie and talk about his other experiences in the acting world. I asked him for some behind the scenes stories from making Trail End but all he could really say is that he had a good time and that it was, “Like a week and a couple days of a trail ride.”

You can listen to my interview with Barry here: Listen to MP3 Barry Corbin Interview (6 min MP3)

When I spoke to Tony he says that he got involved after someone at the ApHC made a connection to him when the movie company called seeking a horse in Kansas. He says that Chip was great and showed that an Appaloosa (even an 18 yr. old one) can star in a movie. He also thinks it might be pretty cool if someone would need him to star in a movie too.

You can listen to my interview with Tony here: Listen to MP3 Tony Nix Interview (3 min MP3)

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