Heritage Class at World Championships

heritageMonday evening’s performance at the World Show began with the Ladies’ Heritage class. Fourteen colorful and impressive entries were the center of attention. Judges and the audience were able to hear a narrative about each rider’s clothing, accessories, equipment and horse. Authenticity and historical accuracy are part of the mix, as is the overall look. This is Lynn Parsons, riding Justa Arizona Cowboy, owned by Robert Pinckard of Queen Creek, Arizona. Although the pair finished just out of the ribbons, we thought you’d at least like to see how much attention to detail and extra work are required to participate in the Heritage Class. We at the Appaloosa Horse Club sincerely appreciate the dedication of all those who pay serious attention to the breed’s historical roots.

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  1. Penny Whitehead Said,

    October 30, 2007 @ 8:04 am

    I sure do appreciate all those ladies that competed, it is my favorite class. I don’t think most folks have any idea all the time spent doing research to make those outfits authentic and beautiful, whatever the time period or connection to the Appaloosa horse is protrayed. My only disappointment is I am not able to access the webcam with my computer internet service provider. I do appreciate all the work done to get better coverage the club has done, just don’t like being left out, I do so love to watch what is going on.

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