ApHC World Championship Show Underway

arenaGreetings from Fort Worth, Texas, home of the 2007 World Championship Appaloosa Show. The photo is of the Justin Arena at the Will Rogers Equestrian Center during the relatively calm pre-show routine yesterday. Exhibitors used the facility for practice, exercise, or just to get the horses accustomed to the look and feel of the competition site. We’ll have exact numbers for you later, but we know that entries are up from last year (with slightly fewer horses). Today’s activity — which we hope you watch on the World Show webcam — includes team penning, several Non-Pro classes and some afternoon cutting. The evening performance features Non-Pro Western Pleasure, Senior Hunter Under Saddle, Senior Western Riding and Hackamore/Snaffle Bit Reining.

As you can imagine, it takes plenty of long-term planning as well as a dose of last-minute activity to put on a show of this stature. The November issue of the Appaloosa Journal includes the official show program with just some of names of people who make it all happen.

We hope you’ll stay tuned to the webcam and check the World Show section of the website for results. Of course you’re always welcome at the blogspot! Next week we’ll have Chuck Zimmerman, the professional blogger boy, on the scene. He’ll be offering audio interviews (and better photos).

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  1. Debby in IL Said,

    October 27, 2007 @ 6:00 pm

    “He’ll be offering audio interviews (and better photos). ” Better photos than what? Mustang Productions?? LOL, Mustang, per usual, are pretty bad so far (watching on Jr Hus on Saturday evening). They finally at least panned the finalists twice now, but going at such a fast pace, you can’t see who actually made the finals. At least this is a step in the right direction from just holding the camera on one person for 3-5 minutes (which is what they have done in past years). Someone got the message, but it would be nice to see the faces of the exhibitors….I am seeing 8 horses and you can’t see who anyone is! The lining up under each judge needs *lots* of work so one can see them all when they are being placed.

    I don’t know how they could change this, but all I am currently *hearing* is whomever is close by their booth. There are 2 kids and their moms talking. The audio mike needs to be turned towards the announcers stand. It’s hard to hear who is being called into place. I can’t hear what horse placed where because of the local conversation.

    Streaming live video IS eons better than the stills that we used to have (Thanks Bill) but… the ApHC contractually bound to use Mustang Productions? There *has* to be a better videographer.

    Debby in IL

  2. KarenTX Said,

    October 28, 2007 @ 6:08 am

    Once again, Mustang Productions is not doing a very good job. The streaming video is so much better, thanks, but the camera operators continually let the camera sit on one person when they should be panning the class. Sometimes they pan SO fast you can’t even tell who’s who. The audio has not been very clear either. I don’t see this problem with other breed shows and their camera work. Can’t something be done to get better quality for those of us who can’t make the show? We still want to watch!!

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