Guard Duty at the Battle of the Breeds

guardsThe extra pageantry of having spiffy horse soldiers lead the parade of winners into the ring for each Battle of the Breeds awards presentation is very cool. I got a little confused by the various titles I read and heard, but I think these fellows are part of the “Royal Household Guard.” Lots of history that someone else will need to explain. The bottom line is that the folks at Spruce Meadows know how to stage an event. In fact, the organizers of the 2008 Olympic equestrian activities are here to observe and learn. I’d say that’s high praise itself.

The Battle of the Breeds continues Saturday morning with the trail class, the last of five events for the 13 breed teams involved. Team Appaloosa leads the pack by one point, so there might be a little tension in the air as things unfold. We certainly wish them good fortune and clean patterns.

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