Center of the Nation Club hosts Trail Ride

stonehouseThe Center of the Nation Appaloosa Horse Club held an open trail ride on July 21, 2007. Twenty-six riders enjoyed the hills and valleys of the Wolf Creek Valley outside Freeman, South Dakota. Trail boss Craig Roth guided riders thru creeks and down paths that led by original 1880’s homestead homes, including a sod house and a rock house. A good time was had by all on the ride in the valley with weather conditions almost perfect. creek

Riders even got to spend some time cooling off in the spray of an irrigation pivot and a few horses were reluctant to leave the cool mist. Following an afternoon of riding, Doug Richards tended the grills and served hamburgers and hotdogs provided by CON ApHC. Lots of other food to share was brought by the trail riders and everybody ate well.

Plans for the next club ride may include the southern part of the Wolf Creek Valley that leads to the James River. Please check the CON ApHC website at for more news about the club and information about future activities.


  1. Kathy C Said,

    November 24, 2007 @ 4:07 pm

    Not sure if we can start new threads here but this is a trail related question that perhaps folks can answer in this forum. Is it possible for some of the Appaloosa trail rides to offer SHORTER trail rides on the ride days? Most of us work full time and honestly cannot put in the time to condition ourselves and our horse(s) to do a full day (6-8 hours) trail for 15-25 miles. I would RRALLY like to participate in the Land of Liberty Ride, for example, if I knew I could do 5-10 miles each day. That would be do-able for my horse and I, but still allow us to participate in the event. Maybe the trail rides could have a short ride and a long ride each day?

    I assume other folks are disuaded from participating in these events due to their length and the strain it would take on them and their horse.

    Thanks for your consideration- looking to find ways to participate more with the club (do not do breed shows) and this would be an ideal solution, for many folks I believe

    Appy Trails,
    Kathy & Cadet

  2. Steve Said,

    November 26, 2007 @ 8:38 am

    Probably a suggestion that would be of interest to others as well. We can certainly relay the message to the Trail Committee and various ride managers. I’m one of those who normally can’t make it for the whole week, but would love to spend at least some time in the saddle with other folks.

    The other potential answer is that in 2008, regional clubs will have the option of hosting ApHC-approved trail rides – most of which would probably be weekend events (one, two or three days). There will be “Class B” and “Class C” rides in addition to the four ApHC-sponsored “Class A” rides. Mileage and hours would count toward relevant year-end and lifetime awards.

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