Note on ApHC Website Hack

As many of you discovered yesterday, the ApHC website home page was victimized by hackers.

In simple terms, they made it to the front porch, but they did not get into the house. We’ve been working with our service provider to resolve the issues. Here’s what we know today:

· The home page permissions were not set properly which allowed an individual to replace the home page with their own web page.
· The rest of the web site remained secured with no intrusion detected.
· The main web page was put back into place and associated permissions set accordingly Monday morning shortly after the issue was detected at the home office.
· Our ISP (Internet Service Provider) scanned the entire site and was not able to detect any malicious code or other security issues. They also checked the permission on all web page to ensure that all pages were secure.
· Data such as membership numbers, social security numbers, and other personal information was not compromised. We do not store data such as membership numbers, social security numbers or any other personal information on our web site for the simple reason that it is easy for someone to hack a website if they have the proper tools.

We have had reports of individuals still not being able to see the main web page. To correct this problem you will need to force your PC to reload the main web page by clearing your temporary internet files and then going to the web site.

I’m told that those of you using AOL may not be able to see the original home page, but should be able to work around that by just typing in (without the www).

Added note: Apparently the clearing of the temp internet files doesn’t work on all web browsers. MSN appears to have a problem with stored web pages as well. Type Ctrl+F5 on your browser to force MSN to get you a new copy of

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