Conformation Horse Group Defines Name; Announces Launch

World Conformation Horse Association industrys newest equine group

(Fort Worth, Texas) In just a short 45 days, the group formerly known as the Conformation Horse Alliance is now the World Conformation Horse Association and boasts nearly 100 founding members. A celebration announcing the formation of the group, and providing interested persons with an opportunity to join, will be held October 17 in Columbus, Ohio, during the All American Quarter Horse Congress.

The newest among equine industry associations, the WCHA began when more than 40 concerned halter horse owners, breeders and trainers from nine states gathered in Tioga, Tex., May 29-30 for a think tank strategy meeting to discuss issues facing the halter horse industry and methods for response, including the forming of an organization to address industry matters.

We have been extremely encouraged by the response we have received from the industry, said Peter Cofrancesco, III, of Sparta, N.J., WCHA steering committee chairman. There has been nothing but positive support from all sectors of the stock horse industry as the WCHA has begun delivering its message regarding the value of good conformation in the horse, regardless of the discipline it might be competing in.

In order to gain financial support needed to develop the fledgling group, the WCHA solicited founding member donations at $500, offered through August 15. Donations received then become Founding Lifetime memberships upon completion of document filing for the association as a not for profit 501(c)(6).

Since we formed 45 days ago, our committees have been hard at work developing articles of incorporation, by-laws and membership guidelines, Cofrancesco said. Membership fees for the group will be very reasonable at prices of $50 for regular memberships, $40 for non pro and $25 for youth.

Cofranscesco said the kick off event October 17 will provide more information about the direction and focus of the group and special announcements will be made regarding competitions to be held in 2008. The event will be open free to all interested persons, although you must have a ticket to attend. Tickets are available from any WCHA committee member, at indicated stalling areas at the Congress or by e-mailing Tickets will be available through October 12.

For more information, contact Julie Bryant at 817-443-0686 or


  1. James Kelley Said,

    August 4, 2007 @ 7:53 pm

    I am pretty sure I can tell you where it will go, I’m afraid. I talked to the lady listed at the end of the article in detail about it, and basically it’s a new association, all on its own, just like the NCHA, NRHA, etc., with its own rules and laws. Interestingly the articles start off saying it was a committe that came together to study the sad shape of our ‘industries’ halter horse classes, which would make you think specifically the AQHA, but then all the sudden it became its own association, seperate from the AQHA. Also interesting it that they are not implementing any rules against HYPP at the start of the association, while the AQHA is on the very edge of totally eliminating HYPP completely from its breed association. The ApHC BOD’s I’ve spoken with say the ApHC is waiting to follow suit of the AQHA, so as to avoid lawsuits. It doesn’t add up to a good thing in my eyes, but I guess it depends on what the “INDUSTRY” is to you.. as for the, the AQHA and the ApHC halter classes are my industry, and if you take the halter horses out of there and into a new association, how does this help my industry, it seems that it will only finally kill the halter classes in both associations, because if the AQHA elmiminates HYPP, and the ApHC follows suit, as they say the will, how will this associations horses be able to show in our breed associations classes, since they won’t be eligible for registration? To make a long story short and if you don’t care what ya say, I think it’s a last resort passive aggressive threat to the AQHA from the people who wish to keep breeding HYPP.

  2. James Kelley Said,

    August 4, 2007 @ 7:58 pm

    ps. I forgot to say, the new association might indeed take off with flying colors themselves, as did the NCHA and NRHA, since new halter babies are born every year and can mostly show for a lifetime, but again, it will kill our breed ‘industries” (AQHA/ApHC)’s halter classes if these associations totally rule out HYPP, which I think is the intention behind this association in the first place, despite all the sugar and spice sales pitch they throw at you.
    Sorry to sound like such a jerk, but really I’m not being ugly, just telling it like it is….

  3. No HYPP Said,

    August 9, 2007 @ 12:43 pm

    So, HYPP horse breeders have founded their own association.

    Juuuuust wonderful!

    Zero ethics and less integrity.

  4. Candace Jussen Said,

    August 10, 2007 @ 7:05 am

    Dear Mr. Kelly, I just came across your post and thought I would reply since I am on the Steering Committee of the WCHA..(World Conformation Horse Association”. I’m not sure where you are getting your information but I would correct some of your comments…for one thing, it is not an association to take away from any other Breed is simply an association to Speak Out for the Halter horses of all breeds of stock type horses. The WCHA mission statement clearly states that we are passionate about bringing the correct conformation back to the halter horse while providing education for those that would like/need it, and, providing competition with a level playing field for all that are involved in halter. We will take in all stock breed halter horses; we will not be a registering agent; we will have a Code Of Ethics that will be strictly enforced for persons and horses alike. We are not, nor do not plan on taking the place of any breed associations, on the contrary, we want to be a united strong voice for the halter horses and those that have them, so the large breed associations will give consideration to issues that greatly affect the halter horse. There is no overseeing group, as it stands, right now to watch or monitor rules, mandates, regulations etc., or any vital issues being handed down by the large associations. We hope to unite and be not only an association that brings back the conformation, integrity, and ethics to the halter horse industry, but also, be that voice to the breed associations so we are all more involved in decision making.
    I hope I have cleared up some of the misunderstands. I have a strong reputation involved with Halter for many, many years and I am behind this one hundred percent. I would be happy to answer any questions that anyone might have.
    Thank you and hope to hear from some App owners/trainers.
    Candace Jussen
    Jay Star Ranch
    Home of Mister GQ

  5. James Kelley Said,

    August 10, 2007 @ 11:44 am

    well, thanks, you said alot and didn’t say anything about HYPP…..which is my point, the same people that are founding the association, are many of the same people that have quotes all over the internet about keeping HYPP, and what elmininating HYPP will do to the AQHA halter industry, if they leave, etc….I do not understand why a newly formed ‘conformation horse’ association just starting out at this time in ‘history’, with the largest association of the AQHA who is about to eradicate HYPP from it’s books, sets up a association without HYPP laws in place right off the bat???,,,,,”it doesn’t take a rocket scientist”
    ps. say hi to Misters GQ

  6. James Kelley Said,

    August 10, 2007 @ 12:00 pm

    in fact the more I read your post, the more obvious it seems that it’s all about HYPP.

  7. James Kelley Said,

    August 10, 2007 @ 12:21 pm

    ,, you have Misters GQ, who won everything, and whos babies win everything, so what’s your problem with the current halter horses conformation?,,,, again, you have Misters GQ, who won everything, and whos babies win everything, so what’s your problem, what’s affecting your halter horses?,, ,, the only problem I see with the current standard of the halter horse industry, is HYPP….what’s your problem with it???


    October 23, 2007 @ 7:06 pm

    Don’t know where all of these HYPP assumptions are coming from that HYPP is on its way out……AQHA has only taken a stand on the registry of H/H horses. The “N/N” aliance proposed the elimination of N/H horses also in a timely manner, but AQHA did not make any rule changes and has not expressed any interest in doing so in the future. Not taking any sides on this issue, just stating the facts that is in the AQHA registery rules.

  9. Meredith Said,

    January 6, 2009 @ 9:20 am

    I was wondering is this club being started because of the over sized monsters in AQHA in halter class? If so i might be become a lifetime member. I hate to watch halter class’s any more because of what is there being Judged for size. Its like my hrse is bigger then yours so I’ll win. But cant perform because there over sized. I was happy when AQHA aproved Halter performance class’s. I will be competting in these class’s this year. Also I will compete in halter but I will not win because well as I said before. Not much to do with confermation.

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