Meeting Team Austria

AustriaI’ve been wanting to speak to some of our international visitors and got my chance finally this morning. I just happened to run into these two members of “Team Austria.”

They were enjoying a beautiful morning here on the last day of the show.

As you’ll be able to hear in my interview with Anna Marie (right – I hope I have that name right) language can be challenging. I think she speaks pretty good English though.

Austria Team MembersThey said they’re here for the whole show and have even had some time to relax and make friends.

They own appaloosas back home in Austria and are involved in pleasure and trail riding.

One of the reasons they came to the National Show was to learn more about show activities and to look at horses. I think that means they’d like to find some good American appaloosas to take back home.

You can listen to my interview with Team Austria here: Listen to MP3 File Interview with Team Austria (2 min MP3)

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