Keri LeForce is the Show Manager

Keri LeForceThe manager of the National Appaloosa Horse Show is Keri LeForce. She’s a staff member of the ApHC and for the show lives here on site for almost a month making sure everything is set up and running smoothly.

Keri has been managing the show for 11 years now and from what I can see, she’s got this thing down pat. She has to hire and work with all the contractors and service providers as well as staff and the everyday things like scheduling workers and even playing music over the audio system.

Next year’s show will be in Jackson, MS and I’m sure that’s going to be fun to set this whole thing up in a new city. For one thing all the exhibitors will have new barns to have stalls assigned in. Keri says they work very hard to make sure that the assigned area fits and works well for the exhibitors.

You can listen to my interview with Keri here: Listen to MP3 File Interview with Keri LeForce (9 min MP3)

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