Ring Announcer Professional

Denny OviattA horse show just wouldn’t work without an announcer to let us know results and what’s going on. One of the people doing that here at the National Show is Denny Oviatt.

I spoke with Denny after his shift today. When I first heard his voice in the arena I thought he might have a career in radio and sure enough that’s where Jerry got his start in South Dakota. Since then he’s worked many years announcing shows professionally.

One of the things he says is very important and challenging is pronouncing people’s names correctly. Having done some announcing myself I can sure echo that. In my interview he tells a few anecdotes from his time announcing horse races. He also says that there is opportunity for people who are interested in announcing as a career. I would recommend they look Denny up and I’m sure he can point them in the right direction to get started.

Learn a little bit about ring announcing from Denny in my interview with him here: Listen to MP3 File Interview with Denny Oviatt (7 min MP3)

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