Recognizing Racing Horses

Executive Racing CommitteeWhile I was in the committee meeting area today I found several members of the ApHC Executive Racing Committee. They include (from left-right) John Diediker, John Haid and Jerry Lawley. If I’ve spelled any of those names wrong please let me know.

Their committee has already met and made recommendations for the board that will meet on Sunday. Some of the things I learned from them include that their committee is an advocate for appaloosa racing and that things are going well for racing appaloosas in the state of Oklahoma. It sounds like progress is being made in other states as well especially in the last couple years. The committee wants to make sure that not only people that have been involved in appaloosa racing get recognized but horses as well.

I’ll let them tell you more in my interview with them here: Listen to MP3 File Interview with Executive Racing Committee (6 min MP3)

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  1. monica king Said,

    July 12, 2007 @ 7:44 am

    it would be nice if we could get appaloosa racing in florida, i my self have an app… with racing bloodlines and know of others that do also and would like to breed and get the babies on the track.

  2. Lori Raymie Said,

    January 3, 2009 @ 6:11 pm

    I just finnished my first time ever year of racing. I live in West Tennessee and sent my Darkelly filly to Oklahoma to race. She did fair and it was a blast. I will say though that if there are books written to enlighten me i didn’t know about them. My trainer was wonderfull with my filly but not very informative for me. I asked a lot of questions but apperently didn’t know the right ones to ask in order to have a smooth road. BTW, I beleive that John Diediker owns this horse i am looking for “Dispensing Speed” Does anyone know if he is standing to the public?


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