Friendly Joe Richard the Hall of Famer

Joe RichardJoe Richard (right) is an ApHC Hall of Famer who had some show success here today at the National Show. You can hear him tell about it in the interview I did with him.

Joe is from Garland, TX and says that one of the best things about the Appaloosa breed is the people involved in it. He says they are just some of the most friendly people in the world and that really attracted him to being involved. And Joe is involved since he’s serving on the board of the Appaloosa Youth Foundation. He’s proud of what they’re doing to help young people who want to work in the industry even if they don’t want to show horses.

You can listen to my interview with Joe here: Listen to MP3 File Interview with Joe Richard (7 min MP3)

By the way. I promise I won’t have Steve Taylor in all my pictures. He helped me to find some of the people I interviewed today so he got in the picture.

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