ApHC CEO Steve Taylor Talks About The Show

Steve TaylorThe CEO of the ApHC is Steve Taylor. Here he is giving his report at the annual meeting of the organization.

Steve talks about how the show is going here in Oklahoma City. He says that participation is up and everyone is adjusting well to the weather and construction challenges in the facility. He says his number one priority is to become the number one cheerleader for the breed. He thinks that international involvement in the show presents some challenges and opportunities. For one thing the language issue becomes a challenge but he sees ways to overcome that and hopes to create new relationships internationally that will benefit the organization.

Steve also wants to further develop marketing strategies for the ApHC that include better media relations and more web based activity. He says that some of the promotional materials have been translated into different languages and the internet allows for greater outreach on an international level.

You can listen to my interview with Steve here: Listen to MP3 File Interview with Steve Taylor (12 min MP3)

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