OKC Wednesday report

If you’re counting on me for good quality photos from the Youth World Championship — you probably shouldn’t. I’ll work on borrowing a few though, so stay tuned.

Day Three — we managed to work through the logistics of running two concurrent showmanship classes in one ring. After the initial learning curve, it went smoothly. I’m back in the main arena watching walk/trot keyhole racing for the 10 and under youth. Pretty fun. Kids and their horses are having a good time in OKC. They seem oblivious to the rain, mud and distractions. There’s just something about the bright smiles and friendly competition that is really encouraging.

Exhibitors, their fan clubs and the show staff had another long evening on Tuesday, but with the usual determination (and for many, the required dosage of caffeine) everyone is back at it today. Strangely enough, it’s another cool day in OKC.

I had the opportunity to brag about our youth exhibitors during a live radio interview this morning. We’re hoping to put a wide range of small but consistent pieces of the marketing puzzle together as we go forward.

More news as I gather it. I haven’t checked today, but we’ll get an earlier start on posting each day’s edition of the National Show Network on the ApHC website. Show results are getting posted regularly though, so visit often.

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