“Mr. Appaloosa” Improves After Stroke

George Hatley has improved enough following last week’s stroke to be
released from the hospital and moved to a rehabilitation facility in
Moscow, Idaho. There, he will undergo therapy for regaining his
speech, lost as a result of the stroke’s effects. He’s expected to
remain there for several weeks.

George’s friend and regular visitor, Juli Thorson, reports that his
spirits and physical strength are strong. “George is really taking
great pleasure in the e-mailed ‘get well’ messages he’s received from
other Appaloosa lovers around the world,” says Juli. “He looks
forward to each day’s new batch of printed messages.” Messages may be
sent to George via Juli’s e-mail address,


  1. Richard Lankford Said,

    June 21, 2007 @ 6:32 am

    Julia: would pass along this E-Mail to George Hatley.

    Sorry to hear of his stroke but know he will recover. It is hard to throw of good cowboy. George is a good cowboy..
    When I think of the Appaloosa I think of George Hatley and Iola. They have done so much for the ApHC. Both of them don’t get the recognition they deserve.
    I met George for the first time when my brother and I rode on the 1980 Chief Joseph Trail Ride. George got both us good horses.
    It was always a pleasure to visit with him at the National shows when he attended.
    Tell him to mind the Doctors, Nurses and Iola and he will get well that much quicker.
    Richard Lankford
    Princeton, IN

  2. Jeff Walter Said,

    June 26, 2007 @ 7:15 am

    Dear Mr. Hatley:
    We have, as of yet, not met. I would like to thank you, however, for doing what you did on behalf of the Appaloosa horse and helping preserve a “National Heritage”. Like the Buffalo, it would have been a shame for a treasure like this to pass in the annals of history. I would like to think, as are many others I am sure, that had I been born in an earlier time-frame I would have had the foresight and resources to save these animals from extinction and further the breed as you did. Congratulations to you, and I wish you well on a speedy and complete recovery.


    Jeff Walter


    I hope to one day to personally meet you and thank you (possibly on a Chief Joseph Trail Ride?), so take care and recover soon.

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