Focus Turns to Conformation Horse as Group Forms

Think Tank Explores Issues and Concerns Facing Halter Horse Industry

(ApHC has initiated some of these same discussions, but it truly is an industry-wide concern that deserves attention).

(Fort Worth, Texas) More than 40 concerned halter horse owners, breeders and trainers from nine states gathered in Tioga, Tex., May 29-30 for a think tank strategy meeting to discuss issues facing the halter horse industry and methods for response, including the forming of an organization to address industry matters.

”Our industry is to the point where we have to think beyond the next horse show or breeding season,” said Peter Cofrancesco, III, of Sparta, N.J., one of the organizers of the event. “This group did a lot of hard work over 24 hours and I believe this meeting will be remembered as an historical day in the horse industry when a foundational segment of the horse industry got together and pro-actively addressed its issues, taking ownership over what it needs to do to see things improve.”

Facilitated by Julie Bryant, president of Latigo Associates of Fort Worth, Tex., and featuring Ohio Quarter Horse Association Executive Vice President Denny Hales of Richwood, Ohio, attendees worked through a series of exercises to examine its issues and develop a mission statement, along with a vision statement and values for the fledgling organization.

”The group determined that its purpose is not only to promote the halter horse segment, but to bring back the value of good conformation in the horse, regardless of the discipline it might be involved in,” Cofrancesco added. “As we move forward, you will begin to hear more about the conformation horse from this group.”

Named as committee chairmen during the meeting were governance committee chair Jodi Sullivan, Maumee, Ohio; finance committee chairman Dick Donnelly, LaPorte City, Iowa; membership and development committee chair Dorn Parkinson, Prescott, Ariz., and Candace Jussen, marketing committee chair of Pilot Point, Tex.

Committees are currently working to develop articles of incorporation, by-laws, a permanent name for the group, which is now being referred to as the Conformation Horse Alliance, member fees and benefits and a logo.

The group plans to officially launch the organization on October 17 during the All American Quarter Horse Congress, although Cofrancesco indicated information would be available before that date. He emphasized that the group will work with all breeds.

”We are currently exploring the feasibility of holding regional meetings to be able to share what work we?ve done and get more feedback from the industry,” he said.

For more information, contact Julie Bryant at 817-443-0686 or


  1. James Kelley Said,

    June 27, 2007 @ 9:59 am

    It’s the dirty four letter word no one wants to talk about for fear of stepping on someones toes that’s higher up the political scale than they are, HYPP. Instead of these people making a committee to address “the problem” amongst themselves, ask the average people, they are the ones that have backed out of the halter industry. It was hard enough to show against politics, then add HYPP, which most of the average people are against, and you’re left with “the pros” showing amongst themselves, and obviously they can’t support each other,,,,,,,so basically, it’s a no win situation, since they also want to continue breeding diseased/defected horses to win blue ribbon and trophy that cost about $30.00.

  2. James Kelley Said,

    July 1, 2007 @ 9:51 am

    Check out this link, , this will solve the problem of the decline of halter horses in the breed associations. While it is “another futurity”, it will give the people who have quit breeding and showing halter horses a fair place to compete and win the recognition they deserve, but cannot get due to the extra amount of abnormal muscle the HYPP positive horses carry.

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