As of May 31, we’ve issued 231 performance permits. Of the permits issued, 71 percent were issued to foals resulting from Appaloosa x Appaloosa breeding.

These permits are part of the Performance Permit Program (PPP), approved last year by the ApHC board of directors and enacted by staff on January 1, 2007. Replacing the Certified Pedigree Option (CPO) program, PPP serves to verify pedigrees of non-characteristic Appaloosas, and establishes their right to show in all ApHC-approved events and to earn ApHC race awards. It applies to all Appaloosas, whether the result of crossbreeding or an Appaloosa-to-Appaloosa mating.

Permits have a one-time fee, and are good for a horse’s lifetime. If you’ve been thinking about getting one for any non-characteristic Appaloosa you may own, you have just a few months left to do so at the program’s first-year introductory rate. These rates range from $150 to $315, depending on your membership status and whether your horse has two Appaloosa parents, or one. Fees are set to increase on January 1, 2008.

For complete PPP details, go to, and click Registration on the main menu. When that page opens, click on Performance Permit Program in its menu.

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